Steps for Local City & County Governments

Help Your Businesses & Residents Engage More Profitably

1. Join Every.CITY

Take advantage of the quick and easy process of joining Every.CITY and start promoting your city or county, and it's free. We will contact you as soon as we get your application to confirm the process and help you get started.

And even though most of your work is in setting up your City or County website initially, by participating in this initiative will go a long way towards encouraging businesses and residents to join and improve community engagement.

2. Change Your Theme Color and Slide Show

Take advantage of the quick and easy process of joining Every.CITY and start promoting your city or county, and it's free. You can immediately start working with your local revenue sharing Partner, if you have one, and change the color theme for your website to match your preferred colors (i.e. local school colors, etc.)

You can then change the Home Page slide show pictures to better represent your local community, and you can always change them whenever you like to stay current.

3. Set Up Consistent Links to Your Departments

Each city and county across the United States has their own unique website. Some are easy to navigate and some are very difficult. Every.CITY provides a common interface that enables a site visitor to quickly navigate to any city or county website by selecting the department from a consistent list within the city or county websites that take the site visitor directly to the matching page in the city or county website.

In order to make the process easy and helpful, every possibility of a page is not included, but the most common ones are. So once a site visitor is familiar with the process on one city or county, the same process applies to all 30,000 city and 3100 county websites within Every.CITY.

All a local government needs to do is load up the matching links into their official website. The entire process takes less than an hour, and once completed, minimal maintenance is then required in the future.

4. Provide Relocation Information

You will be able to provide helpful relocation information to those considering moving to your city or county, including links to those sites providing the services.

  1. Government
    • Driver's License
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Voter Registration

  2. Utilities
    • Electric Companies
    • Gas Companies
    • Water & Sewer

  3. Trash Collection
    • Recycling
    • Trash Collection Companies
    • Yard Waste

  4. Education
    • Schools

  5. Businesses
    • Associations (Chambers, BBB, etc.)
    • Business Licenses

  6. Other
    • Newspapers

Provide DMV, Voter Registration, Tax ordinances, business registration processes, etc. to better help people that are relocating to your city or county get acclimated.

5. Add Resource Links

Cities and counties frequently have secondary websites like a tourism website, etc. that provides helpful information to local residents and visitors. Consequently, Every.CITY provides the ability to post Resource Links, along with a description on the use of the link.

6. Post Frequently Asked Questions

There are a ton of things that change within local government jurisdictions. And getting a webmaster to take the time to update the website frequently takes considerable time, and the situation changes before the website gets updated

With the Every.CITY website, items like weather conditions, accidents, road closures, etc. can quickly be posted so the information is available to residents so they can adjust their plans appropriately. As soon as the information is resolved, an update can be posted and then deleted when sufficient time has passed..

7. Add Local Calendar Links

Many cities and counties have a variety of organizations and their calendars. Although Every.CITY provides a Master Event Calendar for all major Events, providing links to each of the calendars for the local organizations can be very helpful.

Again, this is generally a one-time exercise, and once it is complete, little or no future maintenance is required.

8. Respond to Messages From Residents

Communication between businesses, residents and city and county government is key to the engagement promoted within Every.CITY. An informed and engaged community is a much better community.

Many times, a resident has no idea whatsoever on who to contact with their question or issue, and whether they should contact city or county government. Every.CITY provides a simple mechanism to accommodate this communication.

All a local resident has to do is take their best guess as to whether the question or issue should go to the city or county, type their message, and hit submit. The message will then be directed to the local government they selected and the government contact will take it from there.

Once a response is provided to the resident, the correct email address can be provided in the event the resident has additional questions beyond the response provided, and communication can continue.

Finally, if the government contact starts to see a trend or thinks others might be interested in the provided information, they can quickly and easily create a Frequently Asked Question to be immediately available to others that might have the same question or issue.